Construction waste needs to be reused, say experts

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New Delhi, Dec 24: With a spurt in urbanisation, cities arefacing serious environmental consequences due to construction and demolitionwaste which needs to be recycled and reused, experts said here Monday.


 At a seminar"Waste to Resource", experts pointed out ways and means to reuseconstruction material to build buildings which are sustainable.


 "India needsurgent intervention to protect its land, water, public space and environmentfrom the egregious construction expected to explode with the urban boom,"said Sunita Narain, director general of the Centre for Science and Environment(CSE).


 "The country isrunning out of natural sand, which is used in construction, but we have to keepon with our building activity and for that a very good option would be usingconstruction and demolition waste material," Narain said.


 Surya Kakani, anarchitect from Ahmedabad, who has built buildings using rubble, fly ash andbroken bricks, said: "If we can identify small areas in cities whererubble can be recycled, it would save time and energy and make such recycledproducts cost-effective."


 N.B. Mazumdar, chieftechnical advisor, IL and FS Environment Infrastructure and Services, a leadingcompany in the waste-management sector, said: "Standards (for building)should be changed with time as new building norms are coming up."


 Listing steps neededfor ensuring quick recycling of building material, the CSE said the first andforemost need was for a change in rules of municipal bodies to push foroptimised use of building space and materials and waste prevention.


 It also favoured taxpolicies for waste generation and reuse to minimise waste and prevent unsafedisposal.


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